Saturday, February 28, 2009


With my husband anxiously looking over my shoulder, I finished the "Priest Zombie" last night:

I redid the eyes that I burned (see yesterday's post for more on the priest zombie) and decided to needle felt the white collar thing, cross and blood.

Here's the "Priest Zombie" and the "Corporate Zombie" at home on a shelf in our kitchen:

As long as we're talking priests here, you may have noticed the nice picture of the Virgin Mary below the shelf:

Or was it Jesus?

It's basically the sweetest Jesus/Mary hologram ever, courtesy of the Pennsauken Mart (read: dirt mall in Jersey). When I went to my friend Bonnie's house for the first time years ago and saw the same Jesus/Mary hologram thing on the wall, I knew we were soul mates.


Kathleen W. said...

Those are awesome! I need to come over to your place sometime just to check out your ephemera.

I tagged you on my blog, so go on over and have fun

Anonymous said...


and the Jesus/Mary hologram is indeed sweet.