Friday, February 13, 2009

What better way to celebrate...

My husband celebrated his 26th birthday on this week and as a result, he got a little cash from his dad. I resisted the urge to snatch it all away to pay bills, because I indulge in things like yarn and crafty supplies now and again, so he got himself a present. (We don't really buy each other gifts, except for something small at Christmas. I mean he's on unemployment, I don't make much money, so why would we buy each other gifts? So we can have less money to eat food? I consider our home a gift, the fact that I have a cell phone a gift, the computer and Internet I'm using right now a gift. We get gifts everyday!)

What did my husband choose for his birthday present? Friday the 13th, part 3, 3d! This cover art is pretty radical, although it's actually from the soundtrack, not the movie.

The movie came with 3d glasses, so this was totally us:

Oh, p.s., the 3d glasses were printed to look like a hockey mask. Radical x 2.

The first person killed is poor Edna, who gets a knitting needle through her skull! How tragic! (I like her knitting basket.) Now that I think about it, a dude may have gotten killed before Edna, but that would have been in the beginning part of the movie that overlapped with part 2.

The 3d was throughout the whole movie, not just in a few scenes like some 3d movies. There was tons of "eye-popping" shit like this:

"Hey guys, wanna smoke this joint?" Whooooaaaa. Awesome! It was like I was there.

This movie ruled. Happy Birthday Mr. Fight! And happy Friday the 13th!