Saturday, February 14, 2009

Farmer's Market!

One of my new favorite ways to save money is to buy most of our groceries at the farmer's market. There is one about 25 minutes from my house and there are other fun things to look at there (besides produce) so the trip does double duty as weekend entertainment.

I know that we're not supposed eat carbs any more, God forbid, but I am in love with this bread:

To make it even worse, I've been eating practically nothing but this bread and butter for the past two days. I figure since it's fresh and not jammed full of chemicals it will go stale soon, so I must enjoy all of it's deliciousness right away! And yes, I know you're jealous of my chartreuse counter tops. (I actually love them! I have the big pink Kitchenaid stand mixer and other pink kitchen stuff and it looks oh-so-cute on the pukey yellow green counters! Squeal!)

I also got all of these fruits and veggies:

1. 3 apples
2. 4 red plums
3. 2 orange peppers ($1.49 a pound!!!!)
4. buttload of sweet potatoes ($.39 a pound!!!!)
5. 2 eggplants
6. romaine lettuce ($.89!)
7. bag o' garlic ($.99!)

I don't know how much all the other stuff cost per pound, but the whole table full cost only $10.60! Amazing!

Thank you farmer's market!


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

That's my favorite type of bread, I get it in NY when I visit my mom. MMMMMMM....

Kathleen said...

That looks yummy! What are you going to make with all those veggies?

Also, which market do you go to?