Tuesday, February 3, 2009

For Matt

I've always had a lot of respect for people who go out and make their own way in the world. Conversely, I've always thought it was lame to never want to leave the area you grew up in.

I mean, just because you were born somewhere, doesn't mean that's the place on earth that you belong. Where's the sense of wonder? Adventure? Independence? I think we all need to find our way in this world and to me, that does not mean say, working at your old high school. My mother was so proud of me when I decided to move from New Jersey to California for college. She said I was doing things other people only dream of. Why dream when you can DO! It's a big world out there and it's full of experiences just waiting to be experienced!

So that said, I had a nice time catching up with an old friend over the weekend. (Hi Matt.) We went to college together here in PA (he's from here, I'm from Jersey) and he is the ONE person that I know from school that got a job teaching art in a traditional public school after graduation! I know of two others finding jobs since then, but not for a year or more (much more). In my department at work almost all of us are certified art teachers that never found a job. To the museum educators I think the museum is like a purgatory for art teachers. Or a waiting room. Same dif. Happily, some, like me, realized we were destined for other things. I found my home working in an art museum and now I would rather jam a #2 pencil in my eye than work in a school. I love working in a museum. I will always work in museum education. It turns out that's what I was meant to do. I love being around the art. I love that we get new special exhibits every few months and I get to learn about so many new things and see so many amazing works of art in person. I still teach (kids on field trips and after school/weekend programs), but it is always something different and it isn't all day, every day. I get plenty of kid-free time at work as well. Holla!

Anyway, back to Matt. After we had our chat he texted me and asked me why I hadn't blogged about it! He is so cocky, which is one thing I've always liked about him. (I usually like cocky pricks. Is that like a double negative? Cocky Pricks? Pricky cocks?) Like in his mind, of course a conversation with him would make me drop everything to write a blog post. Well, here ya go a-hole! I kid, I kid.

He moved to Arizona after college to take a job teaching. When we were in school the way they described Arizona reminded me of the things immigrants must have heard about America before they made the trip. It was the "land of opportunity", etc. Well, Matty made the voyage and it paid off. He seems to have things pretty sweet, well in the paycheck department at least. I hate to say that I'm envious, because like he so quickly pointed out, we both had the same opportunities and education (ok, well I have a little more education...ZING!). But I fell into my job at the art museum and I was in love! I didn't want to teach like that and the extra money wasn't worth it. But, you know, I'm sort of envious of how cushy his life looks. It's hard not to be envious of people whose lives seem like they are going really great, when you know they don't deserve it any more than you do. (Not that he doesn't deserve great things, it's just that I do too!) However, more than envious, I'm really happy for him. He did the one thing I admire most, he made his own way in the world. (Ok, are you happy Matt? I blogged about you.)

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Kathleen said...

When are you going to blog about me? {LOL}

It looks like you got your header to work...kudos!

Now about that button...you'll just have to call or email me Missy.

PS I'm signing up for Ravelry too! Shana clued me in, and I've seen it around a while now.