Sunday, February 22, 2009

Under Construction-part deux

Like many other bloggers I coveted a more unique design than the blogger template could offer. That and who wants their to blog scream, "I'm a template!"? Not I. So I've been adding things here and there, but what I really wanted was a fancy header. However for some reason when I added the second sidebar, I broke the header. No image for me. :(

My amazing friend and blogging inspiration Kathleen, over at Katydid and Kid had offered to design me a button and a banner in exchange for crochet trade! What's a girl with a broken header to do!? Well, I reached out to my Ravelry friends and the fabulously generous Cesia from Cece at it again stepped up to the plate to offer her brain power! She fixed my header! Whooo-hoo! I have the test header Cesia created up now and I think it will stay up until I switch it to my shiny new one. So for the time being, "Fight or Flight" will now be known as "Tester Image". Deal with it.

Cesia does full on blog overhauls as well as tweaks and accessories so if you need a little sumthin' sumthin' for your blog, go check her design blog out at:
Design by Cece

She is offering deep discounts through her grand opening promotion!

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Kathleen W. said...

I'm still up for the button, but I'm so swamped with all this Green Clean week madness for next week. But I swear once it's all over, you're first in line my dear.