Thursday, June 25, 2009

I love technology

Picture me singing that like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. I just got an iPhone and boy do I feel dumb. I'm trying to set it up now, when I should be doing my laundry. I wanted to set the Apps before I threw my laundry in, cause I was going to play with it while I sat at the bar next to the laundromat.

Fast forward: Okay, so now it's two days later. I was going to finish my post, but I was about to be locked out out of the laundromat. This phone is rad. It does everything. It was funny because Mr. Flight played with mine and bought his own the next day. It's even funnier because he's the "I don't have cable" variety. I'm really glad though because that means I can just ask him how to do stuff rather than have to figure it out myself. I mentally check out around electronics. The downside is Mr. Flight hasn't looked up from the phone since he got it in his hot little hands. It's kind of cute though, he's all super jazzed about it. The phone also takes really good pictures and ever since I moved into my new apartment, I haven't been able to find my camera. (Note the the lack of pictures on the ol' blogger lately.) So problem solved on the lost camera for now.

I'm starving to death. Kubiac eat now. (Parker Lewis Can't Lose, anyone?)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shameless plug for Joan and Victor!

Because I met two extremely awesome people last week, I'd like to give them a little plug. And yes, I do mean little. (I know how many people read this blog, okay?) They are the founders of the Carbon County Cultural Project and generally amazingly interesting and hospitable people. Here's a description of the CCCP ganked from their website:

Located in a former wireworks factory, the Carbon County Cultural Project (CCCP) is the destination for people who enjoy unique spaces, modernistic design and contemporary American cuisine. As home to FLOW restaurant, we are proud to have become the premiere Art and Food destination in northeastern Pennsylvania.Built c.1850 as a wire mill, and later home to a silk mill and dressmaker’s factory, the Carbon County Cultural Project has undergone extensive renovation from its industrial origins to the present art gallery facility. The CCCP gallery space features emerging and established artists and Stabin Morykin Gallery offers a permanent collection of paintings and limited edition prints by famed international artist, Victor Stabin.
The CCCP also offers workshops that can be taken for Act 48 credits. Here's the most current one:

J and I went up there last week to eat and I had such a good time. The building itself is so, so neat.

So go! Eat, learn and look at art.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I hope I can finish this post before my brain explodes.

post deleted. TMI