Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's the shizz-knit.

I like to learn new things. After crocheting for a couple of months, I kept seeing projects I'd like to make, but they were knitted. Well, I am not one to be left out, so I'm learning to knit! It is so fun. It's not really harder than crochet, just different. I always had heard how much more difficult knitting was than crochet, but that is simply not true, in my experience.
Lucky for me I live near the Kraemer Yarn store where I took some lessons.
This is something simple I'm working on:

My husband saw the yarn and asked for a small blanket. I told him to expect it in a few years. It's made with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. Lemme tell you, those folks at Lion aren't kidding. It is thick and quick!

He also requested a mohair scarf, so I have this going as well:

It's made from 2 strands of Kraemer Yarn's Fountain Hill brushed mohair. Very nice. Both projects are in a simple garter stitch. I learned to purl, and produced a very official looking swatch of stockinette, but I decided to keep these knit, knit, knit. They will both be long projects, so I thought I'd make them a mindless non-pattern to move them along faster. The mohair is fingering weight, so the scarf is growing very slowly. Doesn't that sound gross?

Fingering weight?