Monday, December 22, 2008

I love crochet!

Ok, so I mentioned that I was going to learn how to crochet, well, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I am absloutly nuts about crochet! I freakin' love it.

The first thing I made was basically a raggity rectangle of single crochet that was all lopsided and missing many stitches. I tied it off and threw it in my bag as a reminder of my first crochet baby steps! Then I decided to try out a fresh ball of a yarn and a new stitch. I decided to try double crochet (love!) and I stitched about 14 rows with nice and soft (but nice and cheap) Caron Simply Soft. I then felt comfortable with that stitch and it was looking pretty good, with the same amount of stitches in each row, 14 rows later. Nice. It was on to triple crochet. I did about 7 rows of triple crochet and realized I preferred making the doubles better. However, at this point I had decided that this was to be a scarf, so I had to figure out some kind of plan. I decided to leave my 14 rows of double and 7 rows of triple and start switching back and forth between the two for the length of the scarf. So I did double-triple-double-triple until it was almost as long as I wanted. Then I finished her off with 7 rows of triple and 14 rows of double crochet to make it match the beginning. At this point I could have stopped but I was feeling like the scarf needed a little more "pizzazz". So I broke out the shell stitch with the black Simply Soft! Oh yeah! (Picture me saying that like Peggy Hill.)

Here it is on my desk:

There's no stopping me! Then I did a little circle to learn how to crochet with increasing and decreasing stitches:

Here's another: So I decided to put this to good use and make some Christmas presents for my family since I did take the Handmade pledge this year. (See link button in sidebar.)

I only have one thing left to make, and that's something for my father, which will be a scarf. I made stuff for my little brother and mom that I don't have pictures of yet, but I do have the scarf that I made for my sister. This is based on a design by Mermaiden on Ravelry.

When you roll it up IT LOOKS LIKE SUSHI! Bwahhhhhahahaha!